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Shigeru Kishida
1976.4.27 –








Shigeru Kishida - Biography

Shigeru Kishida was born in Kyoto in 1976 and formed the rock band Quruli in 1996. Since then, he has been active as the frontman of the band, writing much of their repertoire and demonstrating his versatile musicality as a songwriter. He has also composed soundtracks for movies, and written scores for TV commercials and for other pop musicians in Japan.

Quruli has been active for more than 20 years and releases songs in the tradition of rock music. At the same time, their music has encompassed many different styles, such as electronica, house, and classical music. Quruli has released more than 10 albums, and their songs and albums have frequently entered the major domestic pop music charts. The group has also toured in North America and performed in Asian countries, in addition to performances at major music festivals in Japan including the Fuji Rock Festival and Summer Sonic.

Kishida has attended classical music concerts since his childhood, including those of the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra, and is well-acquainted with classical music. In 2007, he made the recording of "Tanz Walzer”, Quruli’s seventh album, in Vienna, Austria. This opportunity sparked an increasingly strong interest in classical music composition. Since then, Kishida’s composition activities have extended beyond the framework of a rock band, and include applying an orchestral sound to the works of Quruli and to his own music.

After being commissioned by the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra, Kishida spent a year and a half composing Symphony No. 1. It was premiered in December 2016 at the Rohm Theater in Kyoto by the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Junichi Hirokami. A recording containing all the music from this concert was released on CD in 2017. Since 2016, Shigeru Kishida has taught at Kyoto Seika University and became a Specially-Appointed Professor in 2018.


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